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Magic Dog Studio
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Copyright Information
All designs appearing on this website and in our postcards, business cards and fliers are the sole property of Magic Dog Studio. Each design is an original that is copywritten under the United States copyright laws and solely created by Magic Dog Studio.  In addition to all jewelry designs all written information in our website is protected under United States copyright laws. This includes all wording, phrases and descriptions. This wording, phrases and descriptions cannot be used without permission.

Our logo:

Our design:
'Off the Fridge and Out of the Drawer'
Family Necklace ©

Our tagline:

Magic Dog Studio enables you to celebrate
 your children...your self...your life.

...are in the process of formal trademark procedures with the United States trademark agency.  Magic Dog Studio designs are only available for resale in the finished designs as they come from our studio. Magic Dog Studio charms can be used for personal use to be incorporated into beaded works, but cannot be resold in a beaded form unless they have been put together by Magic Dog Studio. This is to avoid quality issues in terms of breakage.

A design patent is pending with the United States Patent and Trademark Office
for the Magic Dog Studio Family Necklace.

If you are interested in using our designs in your company's PR efforts, please contact the studio via email and we will give you the necessary information we would like inlcuded with our products on your website.