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Magic Dog Studio
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Handprints/Footprints Jewelry & Wall Pieces

"Childhood is an adventure both for children and for their parents. There should be freedom to explore and joy in discovery.

The important discoveries for both parents
and children seldom come at the points where the path is smooth and straight.

It is the curves in that path to adventure that make the trip interesting and worthwhile."
      -Lawrence Kutner,
                  child psychologist

Magic Dog Studio believes in the spirit of the child,
and the desire to keep that spirit alive.  Through our Handprint & Footprint Wall Pieces and Pendants, parents can hold onto a fleeting moment in time.

The Prints in Metal process actually etches the image of a child's print into metal.  Due to the tactile quality of an etching, it is possible to 'feel' the soft pockets of your child's foot, or the tiny hand that fits so perfectly into yours.  A wall piece will replicate the child's/children's handprints or footprints actual size. 

Prints in Metal
A variety of Prints in Metal jewelry is also available. 
From a pendant, mini charm or keychain, to a tie tac or set of cufflinks for dad.


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