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Star Trek

Official Star Trek Walk of Fame - Vulcan, AB Canada
Jennifer Bunt, Garrett Wang, Catherine Pooley
Currently we are working with Vulcan Tourism located in Vulcan, Alberta Canada to create the Official Star Trek Walk of Fame.  This project was started in March 2011.  The first celebrity guest star to have their Delta Shield inducted into the walk was Garrett Wang aka Ensign Harry Kim of Voyager.

During the process of gathering handprints and information, we have had the honor of attending our first of many Star Trek conventions, and meeting the wonderful people who loyally follow Star Trek.

Recently the studio designed an Insignia Bracelet exclusively for Vulcan, that debuted at the Calgary Comic Expo 2012.  LLAP  my friends!

'Kiss Me I'm Klingon'
Outside the Trek Station during the Vulcan annual Spock Days