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Please take the opportunity to view what some 
of our customers are saying about Magic Dog Studio.

Dear Jen-
I just received the jewelry pieces today and I couldn't be happier!!  You did such a great job i would be happy to refer customers  to you anytime.  I really appreciate your incredible craftsmen ship and will enjoy them for many years to come. 
Thanks again for everything.
-Dolores O.
Wow, received the charm in time for Marti's birthday.  She was absolutely elated.  I couldn't be more pleased with your work.  Thanks again for the special handling.  
-Warren A.

I received "My Sunshine" and the fingerprints today.  They are wonderful! I love them! Just wanted to thank you for all the time you put into making them so  special! I really appreciate it! Have a great year!
-Stacy C.
 Prints in Metal:
Omg I think I am going to cry!  I love it!!!  THANK YOU soooooooo much!
-Ellie S.

Hey Jennifer-
Just wanted you to know that Tasha received her keychain yesterday and she adores it.  Thanks so much for having a business that touches people so much.  I will be placing another order soon.  Take care and nice doing business with you.
-Danielle D.
hi there, jennifer-
i just wanted to let you know that we got the foot pendant in time for christmas and everyone loved it.  so, thank you for a great product!  thanks again!
-megan b.
   'Off the Fridge'

Jennifer -
The necklace is FANTASTIC!  She was very do amazing work.  She's worn it every day since she got it too.  Thanks so much for working with me to get it for her...its the coolest piece of jewelry she has, and she has a lot.
 -Matt P.

Hi there- I had to email and let you know how much I love my new necklace. Simply put; you are a genius. I was so proud of my daughter 1st “real” drawing, and then it miraculously disappeared with my husband to his office at work. I didn’t even get to enjoy it, little did I know that he was cooking up something.  I absolutely think it’s fabulous. I’m a jewelry fan, and even though diamonds are any girl’s best friend, this necklace tops any piece of jewelry I have. I will forever cherish it.  I think every Mom deserves to have one. May you always be creatively successful and surprise women out there as much as it surprised me.
Warm regards,  -Aline P.

Returned from my trip just this morning and the package was here.  The pictures were great, but the actual piece really knocked my socks off.  I can't wait to give it to my wife on Christmas day.
Thanks for everything and best of luck to you.  I guarantee I'll be buying your amazing work again in the future (I guess I'd better get on the list now).
-Eric M.


I can't tell you how much I love the rose.  It was beautiful when I took it out of the package but once I finally got a chain and put it!  It makes me feel so much more connected to Gwen and her potential in life.  I had to choke back tears as I showed it to the jeweler when I bought the chain and explained the origin of the charm. 
Now Gwen wants me to draw something for her that can be made into a necklace. 
Thank you so much,
-Saren J.

Hi Jennifer!
I just gave it to my boss and she loved it! It came out great and I love the necklace too! It's neat how you put the ringlet on the back of the pendant. Thank you so much! I have a feeling she'll be putting in orders of her own when her son is old enough to doodle!
-Gary W.

Hi Jennifer-
I received the pieces this evening, thank you!! They look great and I am so excited to give them as presents, but really want to keep them for myself.  I can’t wait to order more, but I bet you are really looking forward to the rest.
-Sandra A.

Hey! We got the necklace and keychain.  I am soooo happy with everything. It is really beautiful, I can't believe it.  They look amazing and we totally love them!
-Jen B.

Thanks for all your work on making this a great birthday gift for my wife.  I showed my daughter a preview of it from the pictures you sent last night and she immediately recognized the image as her drawing (now I just have to hope she keeps it a secret like we discussed.  Thanks also for making sure the shipping timing will work, I saw the expected arrival is Monday - so that's perfect.  Thanks again for everything, I have appreciated all our fun phone conversations and look forward to giving the necklace to my wife and showing my daughter the real thing.
-Bill S.


I received the charms today.  They are truly the most precious things I have EVER seen!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I will treasure these forever and all of my friends will surely be calling you after they see these works of art!!  I can not quit looking at them and my son, who will be 4 next week, is so proud to have me wearing his work!!  I wish you all the best and a long, long, long career in doing what you do!!
Again, thank you for this keepsake it is a constant reminder of my "little angel" who is growing up way too fast!
-Jenny S.