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Magic Dog Studio
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Thumbprint & Fingerprint Jewelry

"For centuries scientists have hypothesized and concluded that every thumbprint is unique.  The design is actually found in the underlying dermis of the skin and is present within the first few months of fetal development. This design is permanent throughout a person’s lifespan.  Thumbprints have been classified into three major categories. These designs occur as arches, whorls, and loops."

-biometrics excerpts

Magic Dog Studio recognizes the beauty and unique mark each individual carries with them.  Each print is hand etched, and hand crafted into a cherished piece of jewelry.  Through a variety of designs, such as charms, pendants, cufflinks and tie tacs,  Magic Dog allows you to hold a loved one close to your heart.

Thumbprint Family Necklace

'Even though we’re all part of the same family, our fingerprints are different!'  
Just as each family is comprised of unique individuals, the Thumbprint Family Necklace highlights each
individual and their differences!  Thumbprint patterns are inherited and thus, family fingerprints can be similar
 because of genetics but will be unique due to specific variables. 

Thumbprint Family Necklace

Print & Final Piece

To ensure that you receive the best quality charm, please make sure to send in the best possible print! 
Although a print can be made from many different images, the 'best' print would have a strong black and white contrast, and be free of smudges.  Below are some examples of how your print may turn out depending on the type of print you submit.

clean print, strong contrast                         dark print, mild contrast                      dark spots within print                        light print, heavy on side

Fingerprint Inking Kits are Available through Magic Dog Studio